Our Mission
Our mission is to provide top quality medical cannabis, and cannabis derived products to the registered patients of New Mexico.
We will continue to develop and implement methods to surpass industry standards of customer service and patient education.
We believe in the medical powers and benefits of cannabis and will always advocate the use of cannabis.
We also believe cannabis is a safer alternative to pain management and healing. 



Working for MJ Express-O is a special opportunity to do meaningful work in a collaborative and supportive environment. We are collectively dedicated to helping our patients alleviate serious physical and mental distress using safe and natural medicine.

We pride ourselves on finding dedicated team-oriented members who posses qualities that offer patients an optimal experience. Our staff is provided with consistent in house training that allows for each team member the opportunity to gain knowledge on our diverse product line, while also learning in depth the benefits associated with each product.

If you are interested in becoming an MJ Express-O team member, we look for a minimum of two years customer service experience, team oriented and you must be able to pass a pre-employment state and federal background check. Bring in your application and resume to any of the three MJ Express-O locations you choose. We select our candidates for interviews only when a position becomes available and the criteria above is met. We hold resumes/applications for a four month time period. If it has been longer than that, we suggest you submit a current application and resume.